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Adapting a Novel into a Screenplay: Nadel Paris

Adapting a novel into a screenplay requires the screenwriter to determine the essence of the novel to be able to convert it to screenplay format and length. A novelist spends months and years to create intriguing stories and believable characters. By reading a novel, you would certainly understand what's going on in the mind of the characters. You can adapt a novel to screenplay only if you get into the skin of the character.

Before adapting a novel into a screenplay, remember the following tips:
• Writing a screenplay is much different than novel writing. Plays are written for professionals like producers or directors, who use the script as a tool.
• You are basically writing for a motion picture.

Consider the following tips help you in adapting a novel into a screenplay:
• Read a book many times until you are clear about the content. Once you are through with your reading, try to remember everything in detail.
• Now, write the detailed info of each scene on small cards.
• Further, make a collection of interesting dialogues and incidents you read in the book. There might be many humorous dialogues viewers would love to watch on screen.
• Once you pull out the major incidents of the story try to arrange them. Screenplays usually consist of three to four acts. While designing Act 1 put up all the information viewers need to know for understanding the story better. Further, explain the difficulties and challenges faced by the characters in Act 2. Act 3 needs to be conclude the story.
• Remove scenes which are not so important.
• As you are adapting a novel into a screenplay, you have the right to alter the scenes and incidents written in the book.

Format of a screenplay:
• Mention heading or the title before starting with the content.
• A play needs to be written in a specific style. It needs to be precise and accurate.
• You need to follow certain general rules like spacing, fonts, margin and much more. Your whole effort and hard work would go to waste, if you do not follow these specific rules.

A screenplay is categorized into two parts:

Commissioned - These screenplays are written by a hired team of writers.
Spec - This speculative writing format is usually followed by ghostwriters. Newbie's also adopt this method of writing.

How to sell the screenplay
Networking: - Developing great networks with producers, directors and other professionals in the entertainment industry would benefit you in the long run. Various networking events are often organized in the cities. It is advisable to attend these parties to achieve excellence in the field.

Most easily available reference materials could be a sample of scripts. Try to find those scripts, which are in the same genre in which you intend to write. With the help of these references, you will certainly not face any difficulty in translating a novel into a screenplay.

Ms. Nadel Paris is a screenwriter, published author, recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter, a dancer and her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, Urban ...etc.
Nadel and her staff have been the driving factor towards personal growth for children for years working with them in voice placement, voice projection.
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