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Composing A Song - Nadel Paris Tips To Guide You On Songwriting

If you would like to know how to compose a song, you do not necessarily need to have the talent of a music genius. Below are tips and ideas by Nadel Paris to follow so that song writing can be done successfully and productively:

Writing The Lyrics

A number of musicians write both lyrics and melodies of their compositions. Some people also find it easier to write the lyrics first and then the melody. In writing the lyrics, you have to determine the kinds of words you would like your song to focus on. In writing the lyrics, you also need to consider the timing or the length of notes that will best suit each other. In making your lyrics, also pay attention to specific words that you like to put more emphasis on. Emphasis can be made by assigning a louder note with the words, altering the note or adding a rest after each note. Since you are the composer you are free to experiment with your song so that you can see which sounds can give the best effect on your song.

Listening/Learning From Other Musicians/Composers

Every band, singer or composer has something to teach others. Listening to their songs and compositions will help you in learning how they construct songs. You will be able to discover how a composer puts together tones, styles, instruments, etc. in creating a wonderful composition. In other words, you can collect many useful ideas from them and use them on your own songs.

Other Musical Inspiration

As mentioned earlier, listening to other people's works can give you ideas and inspiration. Aside from this option, there are also other relevant sources of inspiration you can look from. Look around you and you will see many inspirational things like emotions, life experiences, nature, situations, etc. Try to put yourself in these inspirational instances. For example, if you choose life experiences of other people as inspiration, try to visualize yourself in that encounter and think of what emotions it evoked in you. You may also stroll around the park or in your neighborhood to gather inspiration.

Using Composition Software

Software is a tool that you can consider as your best buddy in composing songs. The songwriting process can be greatly aided by software programs. Your work may be organized and you will be allowed to see/hear what you play. Choosing a good quality software application offers valuable features like a metronome for keeping the beat. Another feature is playback so you can listen to what you have just composed. With this program, you can conveniently hook a microphone or an instrument to the computer for easy song notation.

Having Fun In Songwriting

You ventured on songwriting because you love music in the first place. However, there will come a time when you would feel greatly overwhelmed that writing songs may seem lacking in enjoyment for you. What you can do is to do some other activities for a time to refresh yourself. Remember to always do what you love, what makes you happy and what you do best.

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