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Singer and Songwriter: Two Oars of Music

Whether it is a contest or a stage show, recording or an exhibition, music hitting the sweet spot between lyrical philosophy and melodious intoxication has always been victorious. Music is not some tossed up Caesar salad of vocals, lyrics, and tunes; rather music is like an exact combination to a safe: Planned, Engineered, and Streamlined after thousands of hours of iterative rehearsals. A melodious musical composition is a collective effort of a songwriter, a singer woven into a melody, without which there would be a humongous void in the conception.

A singer is always considered the focal point. The singer is duly responsible for transacting lyrics from the songwriter to audience. A singer and a songwriter have an equal contribution in captivating the audience. In every performance, contest and musical recording, the singer is the one who steals the show. In reality, since the inception of music, a singer is actually just a part of the big venture. Presently melodious singers rise from singing contests while songwriters have to follow orthodox methods to gain popularity and to earn their bread.

Lyricists or songwriters are equivalent to philosophers. They have to compress their message beautifully into an ear-pleasing melody. The task is as tedious as it sounds. While singers rise on the virtue of "God gifted talent" numerous times, songwriters have to engineer a song which is not only deep in its meaning but is also simplified. Lyrics should also coincide with target audience's taste to ensure popularity. Many times lyrics are sacrificed on the cost of gaining popularity. Surely that makes that singer a one hit wonder but in the long term, only perfectly balanced music grows to become a classic even if it had not gained popularity initially.

Singers and songwriters equally carry the weight of a musical composition. Being catalysts, singers have to be efficient in not only justifying with the lyrics but also adding a human touch to them for a massive appeal. Singers have a responsibility to present lyrics in an entertaining manner. Songwriters too have a duty to make their lyrics redundancy-free, appealing and trendy while maintaining the lyrical meaning and correctness of context.

While a songwriter completes his end of the bargain and creates lyrics, it is the singer who mainly receives praises or criticism depending on the reception of the song. It has never been a duel between a singer and a songwriter, rather has been and will always be an alliance between them.

Nadel Paris is a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter, dancer, published author, screenwriter, and her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, Urban ...etc.
Nadel owns a music institute and with her staff she has been the driving factor towards personal growth for children for years.

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