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Three Must Have Elements to Hip Hop Music Beats

Are you an aspiring rap artist? If so, then you know that one of the most important elements to good music will be your hip hop music beats.

Why Are Hip Hop Music Beats Important?
A good beat can make or break a song. Songs that are catchy and pleasing to the ear, have the potential to be hits. Most lyrical content of today's rap songs are not that deep. But never the less, they are hits, because they employ good beats. A good example of this can be "Turn My Swag On", by Soulja Boy Tell'um. Many of his songs are not high on lyrical substance, but their Hip Hop Music Beats are off the chain. That means good for all of you non hip people.

Three Must Have Elements Hip Hop Music Beats?
Here are THREE Must Have elements are the following:

1) The Drums - The drums consist of a acoustic kick drum (the thump or boom) snare or clap (the bap) and the hi-hat (the tat). Hip Hop Music Beats use some type of hard hitting or low-end booming kick that gets people out of their seats and make them want to put their hands up. Rich Boy's "Drop", is a good example of this.

2) The Sound Effects - Not all Beats use the same sound effects. They give the listener something to enjoy besides the regular instruments. Timbaland is the master at using sound effects. Remember the baby crying in "Are You That Somebody?"

3) The Snare - The snare is probably one of the most important elements. A snare drum is used to give the beat a good edge. "Forever" with Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem are a good example of this. There are many ways to use a snare. All you have to do is be creative.

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