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What to Add Into Your Guitar Practice Routines? By Nadel Paris

One of the problems that guitar players face from time to time is a rut in their guitar practice. You will pick up your instrument and basically do the same thing you have been doing for the last few months each day and not improving too much. There are some things you can add into your guitar practice routines to change it up and hopefully improve your ability.

Learn new chords each week

There are thousands of chords that you can learn. Now most of these will be used in rare occasions but it's good practice to sit down and try to learn new chords.

Learn music and make up chords

One thing that many guitar players overlook is the value of learning music theory. This will give you more ideas musically than you could ever come up with. When you do have ideas you can make new riffs as well as new chords. If you need a chord that you don't know, with enough music theory you should be able to figure the chord or a variation of that chord on your own.

Learn whole songs

Many times guitar players learn parts of songs they enjoy. It's good practice to learn the whole song. The reason this is important is because you need to get used to playing transitions between the different parts of the song as it really would be during a performance.

Strive to learn a new scale each week

This is not only good practice for your picking technique while doing exercises and drills, but it will help you learn more music. Have a full set of knowledge of variety of scales will allow to play your guitar across a wide variety of music rather easily because you will have a basic understanding of the music in those types of songs.

Practice with other musicians

Everyone will have some insight into music and how to play certain songs. Play with them to pick up new things that you otherwise might not have known

The key is to try to incorporate enough exercises and disciplines into each week that you have plenty to practice. If you aren't completely sure of what to do next, it's advisable to seek out a guitar course for more material to practice.

Nadel Paris is a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter and a screenwriter. Nadel has amazing voice, beauty, humility and maturity that will strike you all at once as soon as you meet her.

With her experience Nadel shares important information on Music Genre, performing art. Visit her here:

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